20,000 yuan of mahogany furniture actually gave birth to aphids

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Mr. Ye, who lives in Nancheng, is a redwood fan. Many furniture in his home are mahogany. What recently made him feel depressed was that the two mahogany chairs in the bedroom were actually wormed. Mr. Ye suspected that the chair was not a real mahogany chair and that the merchant might be suspected of fraud.

Buyer: mahogany furniture surprises aphids

On July 3, the reporter saw the two chairs in Mr. Ye’s bedroom. There is a small hole on the side of the chair and the other chair has a small hole near the bottom of the board.

Mr. Ye introduced that this year, the occasional sound of "squeaky" sounds in the chair. He used the scorpion to clip the worm from the position where the two chairs screamed, two or three centimeters long.

Mr. Ye is very surprised because there are a lot of mahogany furniture in the house and this has never happened.

According to reports, the chair was bought in Dalang in October 2010 and produced by Dongguan Huacheng Furniture Manufacturing Co., Ltd. The reporter saw on the delivery note provided by Mr. Ye that the name of the product is the red rosewood ganoderma chair, which is a three-piece set of two chairs and a coffee table. The transaction price is 17,850 yuan.

Mr. Ye said that he had contacted the seller several times on this matter, and he went to Dalang several times to find a settlement. The merchant finally gave two solutions: a full refund and a price change.

However, Mr. Ye has some doubts about the true and false of the mahogany, and believes that if there is indeed a quality problem, it may also be suspected of fraud. According to relevant regulations, the merchant must double the compensation. In addition, there are currently no similar products sold at the same price in the store, so it is impossible to change the price of the same product.

Merchant: mahogany furniture, mites are also normal

At noon on July 5, the reporter interviewed the above-mentioned company manager Li Yanping on the phone.

She said that the mahogany furniture sold to Mr. Ye is absolutely real. For the phenomenon of insects in the mahogany chair, she explained that this is probably because some of the red boards were not sealed tightly during the assembly process, which caused the mahogany furniture to be dark locusts. "However, this is also very common." normal".

She said, “At present, the company proposes two solutions, either a full refund or a product change at the same price, but Mr. Ye disagrees.”

Insiders: mahogany furniture generally does not insects

Siamese rosewood is a kind of mahogany. Does the mahogany furniture of this material cause insects? The reporter also consulted the industry.

Ms. Zhang of Fumantang Redwood said that she has never encountered the situation of Siamese rosewood, but if it is not done well during the manufacturing process, it may also be worms.

Mr. Chen of Guoshou Redwood said that the normal use of mahogany furniture is generally not worms. He suggested that Mr. Ye could go to the Municipal Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision to test the furniture and see if it was a real red rosewood.

The staff of the city quality inspection center said that mahogany furniture generally does not have the phenomenon of insects, but there are problems with the production process, and it is also possible to produce insects.

Deng Guoping, secretary general of the Consumers Association of the city, said that if the mahogany furniture purchased by Mr. Ye did not meet the relevant national standards after testing, there would be suspected fraud, and consumers could make double claims.

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