Nursing reagent-German study finds way to prevent fatal…

German research found ways to prevent fatal blood transfusion complications German researchers announced that they have identified the pathogenesis of acute lung injury associated with blood transfusion and found a way to prevent such fatal blood transfusion complications. Andreas Greinach, a profes ----more

Do you know the makeup steps?

Many netizens have expressed disappointment about the appearance of various makeup pre-milk, segregation milk, and undergarment on the market. How to use it? Xiaobian is here to answer everyone. Sunscreen: sunscreen, protects and protects the skin from darkness, aging, etc. The production of sunsc ----more

1756-L55M14, Xingrui Jiaxin Introduces Advantages

For details of 1756-L55M14, please visit my store home page Contact: Zheng Gong-0196 Contact QQ Company real-time stock situation: 1203-CN1 1756-CNB 1756-DNB 1756-L55M14 1785-L40B 1746-NI8 1746-P4 1756-IB32 1756-OB32 1756-A17 1756-OF8 1747-L542 1747-L514 1756 ----more

Precautions for maintenance of ion chromatograph

1. The reagent water needs to reach 18.2M, and the eluent must be filtered through a 0.45um or smaller filter membrane (use a two-layer filter membrane if necessary) to be used after vacuum degassing. The filter membrane is disposable, and high purity water needs to be filtered to clean it before ea ----more

Detection of phosphate in water samples

In this experiment, a Thermo Scientific Gallery automatic biochemical analyzer was used to determine the phosphomolybdenum blue complex by 880nm wavelength spectrophotometry, and an analytical method for rapid detection of phosphate content in water samples was established. After the nitric acid-per ----more

Home "snuggling" online shopping has many hid…

In November, various keywords related to "double 11" price reduction, snapping, and purchase were flooded in front of people, including building materials, flooring, furniture and other household products. The "Double 11" rush to buy through the e-commerce spurs in recent years ----more

Did your skin hold up after Halloween makeup?

In festivals and weddings, you can't avoid heavy makeup. If you remove makeup after makeup, pay attention to repair and maintenance, it will not affect the skin obviously; but don't pay attention to clean, accumulate acne, pigmentation, wrinkles, face is easy to become disabling, repeated N ----more