World 7000 meters peak introduction

Mountain name height State/Province country Everest Everest 29035 ft (8848 m) China Tibet / Nepal Khumbu China/Nepal K2 Chogori 28250 ft (8611 m) China/Pakistan Kangchenjunga Ganchengzhangjia 28169 ft (8586 m) India/Nepal Lhotse Lhotse 27939 ft (8516 m) Khumbu Nepal/China Makalu ----more

GATF color copy test chart function

The setting of printing parameters is a very important issue. Attention must be paid to the prepress production regardless of the printing conditions. It must be a failure; only respect the objective conditions of printing, such as the quality of the ink paper, the quality of the media. The resolu ----more

Preprinted output image file color space settings

The image file used for printout must be CMYK color mode, not RGB mode. The process from RGB mode to CMYK mode is what we call the separation process. Although this operation is very simple, but really want to color separation to meet the actual conditions of the printing, you must do a good job i ----more

Teabag packaging machine passed the identification

A new type of teabag packaging machine was approved by relevant experts at the Luoyang Institute of Technology. The machine not only solved the electrostatic problems in the traditional teabag packaging machine, but also drastically reduced the price of the teabag packaging machine. At present, it ----more

Several Outdoor Equipment Brands Introduction 2--Columb…

Name:Columbia Origin:United States Website:http:// Introduction: Columbia Corporation was established in the United States in 1938 and has a history of 64 years. Initially it started with the production of raincoats and rain hats, and subsequently developed various types of outdoor trousers and a ----more

China's printing market forecast

Market environment According to the China Printing and Equipment and Equipment Industry Association, at present, China's per capita annual print consumption is only about 10 US dollars, only 1/20 of Germany, 1/30 of the United States, 1/40 of Japan, compared with the world's per capita pr ----more