Solid wood furniture is not really solid wood!

Driven by the concept of low-carbon and environmental protection, the oldest furniture type of solid wood furniture is being sought after by more and more consumers, renewing its vitality, but the price is also rising, especially mahogany furniture. In order to attract consumers, even if it is not ----more

Key technologies for industrialization of carbon dioxid…

Key technologies for industrialization of carbon dioxide-based plastics have passed acceptance . At the same time, the 10,000-ton carbon dioxide-based plastic production line based on the project has been completed, and the design of the 30,000-ton / year production line process package has been com ----more

6 kinds of nutrition that runners should add every day

The six rules of daily diet make you have a healthy body and good health. The following 6 dietary rules hope to provide a reference for your daily diet: 1. Eat more plant seeds or foods made from cereals, beans, and nucleoli. Why are plant seeds? Because seeds ( including gr ----more

How to maintain the temperature and humidity test chamb…

How to maintain the temperature and humidity test chamber? If any instrument is used for a long time, there will inevitably be such a problem that it is alive. The occurrence of the problem is not only the malfunction of the instrument itself, but also sometimes caused by our wrong operating habit ----more

DL-asparagine, monohydrate

DL-asparagine, monohydrate product alias: DL-aspartic acid, DL-aspartic acid (±) -2-Aminosuccinic acid 4-amide DL-Aspartic acid 4-amide DL-2-Aminosuccinamic acid H-DL- Asn-OH CAS: 3130-87-8 MDL: MFCD00151039 EINECS: 221-521-1 Beilstein: 1723525 Molecular formula: C4H8N2O3 · H2O; NH2COCH2CH (N ----more

The old-fashioned second-hand furniture dismantling of …

Dismantling costs, high corporate pressure, and recycling of old furniture are blocked - Since the old-fashioned furniture has been piloted since last year, it has driven consumers’ enthusiasm for purchase and increased sales of merchants. Therefore, the Commerce Commission decided to conti ----more

Flexo Printing and Environmental Packaging

Content preview: No introduction... You haven't registered yet? Or not logged in? This article requires at least registered users of this site to read! If you haven't registered yet, please register now! If you are already registered but have not yet logged in, please log in here! Kit ----more