Case-based color research in industrial design

Abstract: Based on the case-based idea, this paper analyzes the key technologies of color design based on case-based design by introducing the case-based color design research. This research is applied to the design of industrial products. On this basis, a client-server/server-aided design framewo ----more

Food packaging paper and cultural paper method

Food packaging paper and cultural paper method Application number: CN200410050681.9 Publication number: CN1600989 Application Date: 2004.10.26 Public Day: 2005.03.30 Applicant: Tian Xin, Luo Shaochu The invention belongs to the papermaking technology, and in particular relates to a method for ----more

Standardization of soft proofing

First of all, there are "environmental conditions for soft proofing of the screen" in international standards. This is the standard established in the 1990s. In our country's industry applications, there are many defects in the soft proofing of the screen. The main defect is the disp ----more

Discussion on the Causes and Countermeasures for the In…

With the rapid development of China's packaging and printing industry, the continuous improvement of plastic film printing technology, print quality has a direct impact on the status of the product market competition, because the plastic gravure ink printing is a very professional technology, ----more

Mountain spring water wrapped in a flask

Beautiful and convenient packaging design Liquid Salvation is the world's first spring water bottled in a thin-necked bottle. This package is made of PET material. It is transparent and flat. The bottle body is wide and high. The bottleneck is very short. It is said that the packaging designe ----more

How to make package design work more pleasing

Packaging design work must have aesthetic value. The beauty of design is the expression of beauty in design. It is the aesthetic features of lines, colors, etc. that can be seen in a lawful connection that can cause beauty. Works with the form of beauty, in order to perfectly reflect the design th ----more

Membrane switch screen printing technology

Membrane Switch A switch made of a contact circuit printed on a flexible polycarbonate or polyester film with a conductive paste. It is a type of contact switch. Membrane switches have the advantages of overall flatness, thin body shape, low mass, good dust resistance, and excellent water resista ----more