Spring flowers handmade

Folding fan flower Handmade material: hair root , colored paper, button , glue We can custom any styles any size of Electric Facial Bed, Hydraulic Facial Bed, wood Facial Bed , Massage Table, facial bed, facial massage chair, Shampoo Chair , Barber Chair , styli ----more

Anaerobic incubator is used to culture bacteria in anae…

Shanghai Haozhuang Instrument Co., Ltd. developed the LNB brand anaerobic incubator, which is energy-saving and environmentally friendly, leading the country. The company has first-class technical staff and a good team of technicians, with advanced technology and strong development strength. Since ----more

Top 100 four-door wardrobe simple and versatile

[China] net wardrobe closet women always feel the lack of a piece of clothing, the wardrobe was stuffed full of occasionally complain about a few words, but also in non-stop purchase clothing, so all kinds of clothes, pants, sweaters, hats, etc. Mixed together, it takes time and effor ----more

Human Vimentin (VIM) Enzyme Free ELISA Instructions

Human Vimentin (VIM) enzyme-free ELISA instructions This reagent is for research use only: This kit is used to determine the content of Vimentin (VIM) in human serum, plasma and related liquid samples. Experimental principle: This kit uses the double antibody sandwich method to determine the level o ----more

Ultra-clean workbench keeps sterile materials free from…

Shanghai Haozhuang Instrument Co., Ltd. Shanghai Haozhuang follows the principles of survival by quality, development by science and technology, efficiency by management, and reputation by service. It makes every set of equipment, every project, every link, and strictly abides by the reputation An ----more

Customized wardrobes, simple and detailed decoration, a…

[ Chinese wardrobe net ] Customized wardrobe is one of the most popular wardrobes for consumers. With the improvement of consumption level, the consumption concept has also changed. Consumers' pursuit of wardrobes has also become more personalized, and custom wardrobes have gradua ----more

Instructions for using the panel controls of the intell…

Shanghai Haozhuang Instrument Co., Ltd. develops the LNB brand biochemical incubator, which is energy-saving and environmentally friendly, leading the country. Professional manufacturing is more secure and affordable Instructions for use: 1. Place the incubator on a flat and solid ground, adjust ----more