Screen printing UV ink use and precautions (2)

Second, UV lamp and UV irradiation machine 1. UV lamp Compared with other printing methods, the ink thickness of the screen printing is thick, so it is recommended to use high-power lamps (above 120 W/cra). At the same time, select the bundled lamp. The type of lamp, high-pressure mercury lamp, ----more

Infusion bottle cap

The infusion bottle cap includes a lid and a skirt. A pull ring is connected to the outer surface of the cover body through a protrusion, and an annular easy-to-pull groove is provided on the inner surface of the cover. The boss is provided at the edge of the annular groove, and the depth of the r ----more

Sheet for packaging food and its manufacturing method

Patent name Sheet for packaging food and method of manufacture Patent applicant Eseo Quattro Co., Ltd. Principal Applicant Inventor S. Otolani, Padua, Italy; R. Otolani; G · Otolani application (patent) No. 200510056249.5 Application date 2005.03.30 Certification date Approval announcement numb ----more

New rubber stopper

The new rubber stopper includes a plug face and a plug neck connected thereto. There are two characteristics: First, the middle of the top of the plug face downwards depression, on the one hand, the middle thickness of the plug surface is thinner than the surrounding, the injection needle has a sm ----more

Krones Contiroll Highspeed Labeler

67500 high-power ring body tags per hour The newly-developed Krones Contiroll HS high-speed labeler has a power output of up to 67,500 bottles per hour, making it inferior to other types of labellers used to date. Krones AG in Neutraubling, Germany, is now demonstrating high-speed body ring labe ----more

Rovema Develops Robotic Packaging and Pallet Packaging …

In order to make the final package freely changeable according to product features or retailer requirements, Rovema has recently successfully developed a robotized container and pallet packaging machine that allows horizontal or vertical stacking of bags or cartons according to customer requiremen ----more

ROHM Launches High Speed ​​Thermal Print Heads for …

Rohm Co., Ltd. adopts a unique smoothing structure to develop the NE3004-WA30A and NE3002-WA30A thermal print heads with high speed, high durability, and high reliability. Samples will be shipped starting from October 2005. With an annual production capacity of 100 million, it is officially mass-p ----more