Milk box handmade small elephant stool

Handmade elephant milk box again manually stool: large calf milk carton, colored paper, tape, glue, scissors We have many different kinds of dual heads Cosmetic Pen. MOQ 12.000pcs ----more

[Wardrobe price] Why is the wardrobe price calculated a…

[Chinese wardrobe network] [difficulties] Many consumers are very confused about the wardrobe price is calculated according to the projected area or the expansion area, in fact, both methods can be, but calculated according to the projected area, why? [Question] Why is the price of t ----more

Multi-element analyzer / metal multi-element analyzer t…

Measuring range: Taking manganese, phosphorus, silicon, chromium, molybdenum and nickel as examples, changing the weighing can expand the measurement range of manganese: 0.100%-75.000% phosphorus: 0.005%-0.500% Silicon: 0.100%-5.000% chromium: 0.010%-35.000% Molybdenum: 0.010%-6.000% Nickel: 0. ----more

Panzhihua will produce titanium glasses frames

[Spectacle Frame Supply] Sichuan Panzhihua City will focus on the production of titanium products, including titanium frames. Concentrated on 41 projects including titanium processing parks, the total investment is 5.522 billion yuan, and plans to invest 2.456 billion yuan this year ----more

Google Glasses Wi-Fi Connection Jammer

[Eyeglasses] When the software detects this "special character", it will use Aircrack-NG to simulate the network and send out a "deauthorization" command - this will allow the "client" of the wireless network to be dropped. According to reports, Oliver ----more

TMA Q400 instrument optional test temperature range

The TMA Q400 optional test temperature range is primarily dependent on the selected refrigeration accessory: Conventional addition of liquid nitrogen: -150~1000 °C Configure MCA70 cooling accessory: -70~400°C It should be noted that for tests with a test temperature exceeding 600 degrees ----more

Telephone line fault tester technical parameters

Brief introduction to DP-8AS/DH-11 telephone line fault tester adopts international advanced measurement technology and is developed based on the status quo of domestic telephone network. It mainly tests various faults of the local telephone line. It is a kind of local telephone line obstacle tester ----more