Inkjet packaging printing into wind vane flexo digital …

Technology has changed our lives while making today's printing industry. As an important raw material in the printing process, the development and changes of inks are closely related to the rise and fall of the printing industry. As packaging printing and inkjet printing have gradually become ----more

How is the online dust meter connected and measured?

How is the online dust meter connected and measured? 1. General version: Some models of products use the data cable attached to the instrument to directly connect to the computer serial port. The computer sets the serial port number and baud rate, and sends the corresponding commands in the protoc ----more

The 8th International Home Culture Festival of China…

Promote home culture, promote industrial development, and help Sichuan transform from a large province of furniture production to a strong province. On July 2, 2014, the 5th International Furniture Culture Capital of China's Western Furniture Trade Capital was reopened in Chengdu Bayi Furniture ----more

Xiaobian recommended 7 super easy to use homemade eye m…

In fact, in our daily diet, many can be used as a good raw material for the "eye mask". After a little processing, it can become an eye mask. Using these fresh natural products often do eye care , which will have a good effect on our eyes. Come and see the 7 kinds of homemade eye masks co ----more

The development of various bottle cap market

There are various types of materials on the bottle cap market. The fact is that the competition between the various materials of the cap is quite fierce. In this process, plastic caps gradually began to dominate the market and became the first choice for many bottle-shaped closures. Plastic caps ----more

Teacher's Day Handmade: Wooden Bead Necklace

Teacher's Day Handmade: Wooden Bead Necklace Such a beautiful necklace is given as a teacher's day gift to the teacher. Handmade materials: wooden beads, ribbons , handmade plastic needles Satin Gift BagSatin Favor Bags,Personalized Satin Bags,Satin Organza ----more

Evaluation: energy rate GQ-1380AFE gas water heater ene…

Energy Rate Gas Water Heater was born in Japan Energy Rate Corporation in 1951. Since then, Energy Rate has been dedicated to the professional R & D, production and sales of gas water heaters, heating and cooling air conditioning, bathroom and kitchen related products and other fields. ----more