Rovema Develops Robotic Packaging and Pallet Packaging Equipment

In order to make the final package freely changeable according to product features or retailer requirements, Rovema has recently successfully developed a robotized container and pallet packaging machine that allows horizontal or vertical stacking of bags or cartons according to customer requirements. The model can also be loaded with retractable plastic trays and shelving display cases and trays for increased flexibility.

Regardless of the vertical or horizontal charging mode, the general-purpose charging and filling modes can be operated with the same multiple-feeder feeding scheme, allowing the bags or cartons to be laid flat and waiting for loading. The number of bags per row can be changed depending on the size of the bag and the shape of the box or pallet.

The only replacement part in the entire unit is the handling tool. All movement changes such as loading and unloading of the box are achieved by software.

If the bag or carton needs to stand upright, the pre-packed box or carton on the independent feeding conveyor belt is clamped, lifted, and tilted by 70°, and then the tongue plate is introduced. In this way, the loading and unloading tool on the loading arm removes the container from the feeding conveyor and feeds it into the container.

After the single row of goods is loaded, the box or tray is lowered by one package thickness and the previous process is repeated until the box is full. Then, return to the upright position and unload it.

If the object needs to be placed flat in the box, change the sweeping tool to the fixture. The jig lifts each row of bags or carton from the feeding conveyor and places it in the box or tray, keeping it upright throughout the process. It is also possible to load the pallets into the box so that the goods can be arranged in two or more layers.

The ULF 443 model is the smallest model in the series and can be packaged in trays or trays with a maximum enclosed size of 400 x 400 x 300 mm. The size of the 664 mainframe is 600 x 600 x 400 mm.

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