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Waterproof bag: outdoor special waterproof bag, according to the size of the price ranging from 20-50 yuan, the function will not have to say. You can use a plastic bag instead, but with a lot more you will find that this object has many unexpected benefits.

Washing bag: A wash bag designed for outdoor use, usually with a hook to hang on the tree, and some also have a small mirror. Can not only put toiletries, but also put batteries, mobile phones and other small items. The price is between 40-100 yuan.

Mats and Geotextiles: Many people use tents under the tent to prevent the tent from being damaged. This usage is not good. The reason is that the mat itself is waterproof. If it rains, the mat may collect water and slowly seep into the account. If it is directly tied to the ground and rain will seep into the ground, this phenomenon will not happen. As for the bottom of the account, as long as the camp is taken, the ground can be carefully cleaned and covered with a cloth. The cheapest seats for single seats are between RMB 15-30, and seats for two are between RMB 30-100.

Some people say that the ground cloth is not all right, but what if your tent bottom is dirty? Washing is not the best way. It is not easy, because cleaning the tent may damage the waterproof adhesive at the bottom of the tent. If you have a piece of floor cloth, the tent will not be dirty, and only the floor cloth can be washed. The floor cloth is also waterproof and can effectively prevent moisture from penetrating into the tent.

Snow cover: When it comes to snow cover, don't think that you can use it only when you go snow mountain. It is more useful for use in bushes, weeds, sand and creeks to prevent weeds and sand from entering the shoe. If waterproof hiking shoes are used, it is not necessary to take off shoes when crossing rivers quickly. The effect is obvious. Recommended Use. The price of ordinary airtight minimum seen 45 yuan, generally between 60-100 yuan. Waterproof breathable fabric is usually between 100-300 yuan. Mountaineering-specific shrinkable sets of down pants are more expensive.

Water pills, snake pills: It's best to prepare this stuff, and it will be useful when you can't find a clean water source or if it's bitten by a snake. Anyway, small pills don't take up any place. Water purification tablets are generally from 5 cents to 1 dollar, and a tube purchase is about 10 yuan for a tube (100 tablets), which can be used for 1 litre of water. Ji Desheng snake medicine is generally a box of about 20 (10 tubes), in case of bite by the snake, the first to take two tubes, after a period of time to take a tube.

Quick hanging: You can't use it for climbing or rock climbing. It's usually a decoration or hanging baubles. Many equipment shops donate when buying a package. When buying only 3-20 yuan.

The compass: Many people are used to calling the compass. It is useless in ordinary camping and crossing activities. You just take it with you. The general price is between 5-20 yuan. (under)

Xiaowen (Source: China Sports News)

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