Evaluation: energy rate GQ-1380AFE gas water heater energy-saving constant temperature super intelligent

Energy Rate Gas Water Heater was born in Japan Energy Rate Corporation in 1951. Since then, Energy Rate has been dedicated to the professional R & D, production and sales of gas water heaters, heating and cooling air conditioning, bathroom and kitchen related products and other fields. Products related to gas water heaters, heating equipment, kitchen appliances, etc. After years of hard work, energy efficiency has established a leading position in the high-end products in the gas kitchen appliances industry, becoming the top manufacturer of the water heater industry.

Energy Rate (China) Group has always adhered to the design concept of energy saving and environmental protection, researched and developed gas appliances that meet the conditions of domestic and overseas markets, and has continuously obtained relevant international certifications and market access qualifications in various countries and regions. The product evaluated this time is the energy rate GQ-1380AFE gas water heater.

Evaluation brand: energy efficiency

Evaluation product: gas water heater

Product model: GQ-1380AFE

Water heater gas type: natural gas

Gas water heater exhaust: strong exhaust

Heating power: 200MJ

Heating up position: 12-16L

Evaluation items: product appearance, packaging evaluation, detail evaluation, technical evaluation

1. Product appearance

The overall appearance of the GQ-1380AFE gas water heater is simple and elegant, and it is installed on the kitchen wall without occupying space. This water heater can intelligently control the temperature and can remember the user's usage habits. According to the last temperature setting, it automatically remembers various working parameters such as fan speed, gas volume, and firepower. The program set by the microcomputer smart chip can be used again Quick response, quickly raise water temperature.

Second, packaging evaluation

The picture above shows the unpacked packaging of the GQ-1380AFE gas water heater. It is the national unified packaging of the company. Please do not open the package at random when there is no designated personnel. If there are any internal problems after the unpacking, the group will be bear.

3. Detailed evaluation

The energy-efficient GQ-1380AFE gas water heater has a new design of heat exchange fins. The hole-shaped heat interception mechanism and the fin edge side bending increase the heat exchange area, so that the high-temperature flue gas and the water flowing through the waterway coil fully exchange heat, which effectively improves The heating efficiency reaches the national level 2 energy efficiency standard.

The bottom of the energy rate GQ-1380AFE gas water heater is the cold water inlet and outlet, which is connected to the gas pipeline, a powerful DC stepless variable speed inlet fan and a reasonable ratio to supply the air required for combustion, and finally exhausts the exhaust gas generated by the combustion to the outside.

4. Technical evaluation

The high-efficiency heat exchanger is a patent for energy-efficient water heater. It is made of thick phosphorous deoxidized copper material, which not only has good flexibility, but also can withstand high temperature, corrosion, fatigue and long service life. Coupled with the unmatched magnetic levitation moving coil gas proportional valve, the gas output is accurately controlled according to the temperature set by the user, so that the water temperature can be kept constant.

The dual-control water temperature setting is the design highlight of this product. It is controlled by a water volume sensor when entering water, and regulates the water volume within a certain range.

When the water is discharged, it is monitored by the water volume server, and the water flow is automatically adjusted according to the set water flow situation, which effectively increases the water output, which is more gas-saving and more energy-saving.

The four-in-one water flow control system senses the size of the water flow and detects the inlet water temperature. It is comparable to the aerospace technology's CPU-guided electrical control system. Based on the set outlet temperature, it calculates the amount of gas required for combustion and ensures complete combustion. The amount of air, the choice of a reasonable fan speed, and the firepower section required for combustion make the water temperature rise rapidly.

Waterproof backfill smoke exhaust pipe, independent waterproof backfill function, avoid backwater and prolong service life.

CPU electrical intelligent control system, full combustion, effectively increase the heating speed, accurate comparison of air and gas.

Evaluation summary:

This energy-efficient gas water heater is not only simple and elegant in appearance, but also adopts advanced technology in innovation. It precisely controls the water temperature and water volume. The parts and components of the product are strictly controlled, the quality is excellent, and the service life is longer. In short, this is a gas water heater with good quality and high cost performance.

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