The 8th International Home Culture Festival of China's Western Furniture Trade Capital was grandly opened yesterday.

Promote home culture, promote industrial development, and help Sichuan transform from a large province of furniture production to a strong province. On July 2, 2014, the 5th International Furniture Culture Capital of China's Western Furniture Trade Capital was reopened in Chengdu Bayi Furniture Plaza. The Sichuan furniture industry ushered in a brilliant moment and once again became the focus of the industry, 5000 Sichuan furniture manufacturer, tens of thousands of Sichuan furniture brand Huaguang shines, smiles and welcomes tens of thousands of furniture dealers from all over the country.

Furniture giants gathered at the opening ceremony

At 10 am, the opening ceremony officially began. Zhu Changling, Chairman of China Furniture Association, Liu Jinliang, Vice Chairman of China Furniture Association, Executive Vice President of Sichuan Furniture Industry Chamber of Commerce, and He Daiqiang, Executive Vice President of Chengdu Bayi Furniture Group, Vice Chairman of Xianghe Furniture City Management Committee of Northern China Furniture Trade Capital Director Zhang Shuhe, Gao Shuzhen, General Manager Lin Cheng of Chengdu Bayi Furniture City, Wu Yonggang, General Manager of Chengdu Bayi International Home Expo City, Ding Wei, General Manager of Jiutian Furniture, and the heads of provincial and municipal furniture associations, as well as relevant leaders and guests, business representatives People from the media attended the event.

He Daiqiang, executive vice president of the Sichuan Furniture Industry Chamber of Commerce and executive vice president of Bayi Furniture Group, said in his opening speech that during the annual cultural festival, Bayi Furniture City is a must for many home buyers from all over the country and around the world. In the place, it not only provides an efficient trading platform for both the supply and demand sides of the furniture industry, but also establishes the unique brand image of “Never Ending Furniture Exhibition” in Bayi Furniture City. The home culture festival will also achieve unprecedented success. .

Two major events unveiled

The two major heavyweight activities of the Sichuan Furniture Industry Chamber of Commerce will be unveiled: starting from 2015, the Sichuan Furniture Industry Chamber of Commerce will jointly organize a “Sichuan Furniture National Tour Exhibition” with some provincial and municipal furniture associations. At the opening ceremony, the Secretary General of the Sichuan Furniture Industry Chamber of Commerce, but with the furniture associations of Yunnan, Chongqing, Hubei, Hunan, Shaanxi, Guizhou and Jiangxi provinces, held the signing ceremony of the “2015 Sichuan Furniture National Tour Exhibition”.

At the same time, from March 12 to 16, 2015, the Sichuan Furniture Industry Chamber of Commerce will jointly organize the Chengdu Bayi Furniture City to hold the “First Spring Ordering Conference of the Western China Furniture Trade Capital and the Sichuan Furniture Dealer Conference”. Regular, regular events.

Inland First Furniture Culture Festival opens

For this international home culture festival, Zhu Changling, chairman of the China Furniture Association, expressed full affirmation. Zhu Changling said that this year's activities are rich in content, which will further enhance the gold content of the International Furniture Culture and Art Festival in the western China's furniture trade capital. The Sichuan Furniture Industry Chamber of Commerce has made a lot of progress in promoting the transformation of Sichuan from a large province to a strong province. The work has achieved the goal of “furniture expansion and sales increase” of Sichuan furniture, fully grasping the opportunities of urbanization development, leading Sichuan enterprises to consolidate the national second- and third-level markets, and building a broad platform for the full exchange of enterprises and distributors. Under the leadership of the Chamber of Commerce of Sichuan Furniture Industry, the Sichuan furniture industry is developing rapidly and healthily. Bayi Furniture City has completed its products and has made significant contributions to the circulation and development of western furniture over the years. Subsequently, Zhu Changling announced that the 8th International Home Culture Festival of the Western China Furniture Trade Capital was officially opened.

It is understood that the 8th International Home Culture and Art Festival of China's western furniture trade capital is praised as the “Inland First Furniture Culture Festival” with its prosperous popularity and strong market influence. It is a collection of furniture exhibitions, cultural exchanges, Business negotiation is one, fully integrating the industry resources of furniture exhibition, business negotiation and home culture exchange, forming a platform for super-large-scale home brand display and cultural exchange centered on the nine professional shopping malls of Chengdu Bayi Furniture City.

At the opening ceremony, Ding Wei, the general manager of the furniture company of Sichuan Furniture Company, made a warm speech. The awarding ceremony for the winning works of the "My Home Dream" photography contest was held at the same time.

Focus on the future transformation of Sichuan furniture and take off again

Practice the inner power business will be a "good housekeeper"

As an industry organizer, Sichuan Furniture Business Association has been committed to building a bridge between furniture manufacturers, dealers, stores and consumers, to be a “good housekeeper” for the development of the industry, creating more opportunities for the value of the furniture market. .

Wang Xuemao, president of the Sichuan Furniture Industry Chamber of Commerce and president of Chengdu Bayi Furniture Group, said that the next step is to implement various corporate training, advanced ideas and management methods, so that Sichuan furniture enterprises can effectively improve their production, management and management levels. Practice the internal strength during the critical period of transformation and upgrading.

For dealers, the Chamber of Commerce will continue to hold the selection of thousands of outstanding distributors nationwide. "They have outstanding market development capabilities, good customer service, a lot of repeat customers, and sales of new products are very effective, etc." Wang Xuemao said that the purpose of the selection is to share the successful experience of these thousands of dealers, put them The best side is promoted to all Sichuan furniture dealers, and thus more comprehensive to serve customers.

Please come in to hold the first spring trade fair

Taking advantage of the platform of Chengdu Bayi Furniture City, the Chamber of Commerce will invest heavily in the next year, and invite dealers from all over the country to hold the first spring trade fair for the furniture trade capital of western China from March 12th to 16th before the four major furniture exhibitions in Guangdong. The Sichuan Furniture Dealer Conference set off the biggest spring ordering storm in Sichuan history.

There have always been complaints from dealers that there are too many brands in Sichuan, too many furniture, and the time limit for ordering by various manufacturers is too long, especially for some dealers and store organizers who have represented two or more Sichuan furniture brands. Every spring, I have to go to Chengdu Bayi Furniture City twice or more. They said that it is better to engage in a centralized order meeting, save time and money, and choose a wider face.

To this end, the Chamber of Commerce and the Bayi Furniture City actively coordinate, tentatively scheduled to hold the first spring trade fair from March 12 to 16. It is expected that there will be thousands of Sichuan furniture brand business annual meetings and order fairs held simultaneously during the spring trade fair in the western China furniture trade capital. More than 5,000 furniture companies and more than 60,000 distributors across the country gathered in Rongcheng. Many original and highly competitive products are newly unveiled. It is worth looking forward to!

Going out to organize the national tour of Sichuan furniture

At the same time as you come in, the pace of Sichuan furniture going out is still accelerating - from March to July next year, the Sichuan National Furniture Tour will kick off.

At each Sichuan Furniture Order Fair, some dealers will not be able to come because of the road and other factors. This is not only the loss of the dealers, but also the regret of the national consumers. "Since some dealers can't come over, then we used to go to their homes to do exhibitions." Wang Xuemao said, "The Chamber of Commerce has the responsibility and ability to create more effective conditions for them to choose Sichuan furniture, making it easier for dealers across the country." Participate in."

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