How is the online dust meter connected and measured?

How is the online dust meter connected and measured?
1. General version:
Some models of products use the data cable attached to the instrument to directly connect to the computer serial port. The computer sets the serial port number and baud rate, and sends the corresponding commands in the protocol. The dust meter receives the correct command and then performs the corresponding operation. After the operation is finished, it sends back. Command to the computer.
2, customized version
The connection method and agreement are negotiated and customized by both us and the user. It can be connected to the host computer through wired (RS232, RS485, USB) or wireless (DTU, GPRS, Bluetooth) media, and in accordance with the communication protocol agreed by both parties (our standard, modbus, tcp/ip, etc.), the dust meter is Automatically send or answer the way to communicate with the user's host computer.

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