let's get married! Leftover female "out of single" home Feng Shui arrangement coup

[ Chinese wardrobe network ] A "We are, get married" TV series, describing the hateful marriage of women to overcome the fear of marriage, humorous love and spicy hot drama, let everyone in the fear of marriage, leftover women, blind date and other social hot topics. Inherited love, many single-sex girls also ushered in the most beautiful marriage "marriage" period, but most of them are still single, maybe they can not understand their reasons for single, in fact, may have a certain relationship with home furnishings, below, The famous Feng Shui teacher will help you to teach you how to leave the woman "out of the single". If you don't want to be single, then act quickly.

Home feng shui

let's get married! Leftover women "out of single" home Feng Shui arrangement coup

Part1: Home orientation has to help you get rid of singles

The lack of corners of the house and the various luck directions of the home will affect the feng shui of the home. The reason why the leftover woman is left is probably because of the feng shui orientation of the home or the problem of the peach blossom position.

1. The housing lacks the northwest corner

Suppose you live alone, usually your house lacks the northwest corner. The northwest corner belongs to the "乾卦" in the day after tomorrow, and the representative of the father represents the king. This house is the most unfavorable single woman's love and affection, even if there is a heterosexual friend's pursuit, it will be separated quickly. Moreover, living in such a house, the temper will be getting bigger and bigger, and I care about my face. The opinions given by others are often not heard.

2, the bedroom is not in the peach position

How to calculate your own peach blossom position is divided into two types, there are a year of peach blossoms and numerology peach blossoms. After the analysis of the peach blossoms, look at the orientation of the peach blossoms.

The position of the corresponding red square is the peach flower position of the genus, such as the tiger, the peach flower is in the east. Suppose you are a tiger, the bedroom is not in the east of the house, and your bed is not in the east of your bedroom. Then your peach blossoms are weaker, and even worse, your bedroom is in the opposite direction to the east. , both in the west, or your bedside is in the west, in which case the peach blossoms are ruined in your own hands. Suppose you really want to promote your own peach blossoms. You can change different objects in your own position. The peach blossoms are east, you can raise 3 goldfish here; the south can grow 7 peach blossoms on the south. Or a green plant with large leaves; it is a western one, and a yellow crystal ball can be placed in the west; it is north, and can be decorated with a circular clock in the north. Then your peach blossoms will start to flourish.

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