Anaerobic incubator is used to culture bacteria in anaerobic environment

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The anaerobic incubator is divided into four parts: the anaerobic chamber, the transmission chamber, the operation hole of the bare-hand cuff, the air circuit and the circuit control system.

1. Anaerobic chamber: The mechanical forced convection of the inner cavity and the positive pressure of the inner cavity realize stable and uniform state of four aspects: constant temperature, humidity control, deoxygenation, and biological detoxification, and rapid recovery.

2. Transmission cabin: A compact cylindrical design is used to easily transfer samples with one person and one hand.

3. Bare-hand sleeve operation hole: No need for vacuum / nitrogen replacement process, both hands can go straight in and out of the inner cavity anaerobic.

4. Control system: all-round real-time status self-checking alarm function to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.

Installation Precautions

1. The whole machine should be placed in a place where the temperature difference is small and the operation is convenient. Avoid direct sunlight and away from heating equipment. Place it steadily.

2. Place the mixed gas cylinder and nitrogen cylinder steadily, and install the pressure reducing valve (including pressure gauge) respectively. Placed in place.

3. Connect the gas path and check the gas path. To prevent air leakage, if necessary, use adhesive sealant at each connection.

Design: 1. The small and compact shape is very suitable for crowded and complicated microbiology laboratory. 2. The operation is simple, the operation of both hands in and out and sample transfer do not need to be vacuumed and filled with nitrogen. The temperature, humidity, anaerobic state of the cavity, biological waste gas treatment, etc. are all completed automatically. 3. Operation with bare hands to avoid discomfort caused by heavy full gloves. 4. The first ergonomic operation hole side angle design to reduce occupational damage caused by long-term operation. 5. The standard components are complete, and the user's standard procurement is basically "zero" and additional procurement concerns are basically achieved.

The product is a special device that can be used for cultivating and operating bacteria in an anaerobic environment. It can cultivate the most difficult-to-grow anaerobic organisms, and can avoid the risk of death due to exposure to oxygen when operating in the atmosphere. Therefore, this device is an ideal tool for anaerobic biological detection and scientific research. Structure and function: This type of product is generally composed of constant temperature cultivation room, anaerobic operation room, sampling room, gas circuit and circuit control system, box rack, bottle rack, melted wax sterilizer and other parts. Due to the problem of inconvenient use and operation of this structural design, the anaerobic work station has brought forward revolutionary changes to the structural design of the anaerobic work station in response to the operator's many needs for use experience.

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