Laboratory storage methods for chemical reagents

There are many ways to classify reagents. According to the state, it can be divided into solid reagent and liquid reagent. According to the purpose, it can be divided into general reagents and special reagents. It can be divided into inorganic reagents and organic reagents by category. According to performance, it can be divided into dangerous reagents and non-dangerous reagents. From the perspective of storage and use of reagents, reagents are often classified according to two methods: category and performance.

(1) Inorganic reagents and organic reagents

This classification method is consistent with the chemical substance classification, which is convenient for identification, memory, storage and retrieval.

Inorganic reagents are divided into categories by element, oxide, alkali, acid, and salt, and then considered for classification. Organic reagents are classified according to hydrocarbons, hydrocarbon derivatives, carbohydrate proteins, polymer compounds, indicators, etc.

(2) Dangerous reagents and non-dangerous reagents

This classification not only pays attention to the practicality, but also considers the characteristic properties of the reagents. Therefore, it is not only convenient for safe storage, but also convenient for experimenters to observe safe operation rules when using.

1. Classification of hazardous reagents

According to the nature and storage requirements of dangerous reagents, it is divided into:

(1) Flammable reagents

This type of reagent refers to a chemical substance that can spontaneously ignite in the air or easily cause burning when encountering other substances. Due to the existence state or the cause of combustion, it can often be divided into:

â‘  Flammable reagents: such as yellow phosphorus.

â‘¡ Reagents for burning in water: such as potassium, sodium, calcium carbide, etc.

â‘¢ Flammable liquid reagents: such as benzene, gasoline, ether, etc.

â‘£ Flammable solid reagents, such as sulfur, red phosphorus, aluminum powder, etc.

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