Top 100 four-door wardrobe simple and versatile

[China] net wardrobe closet women always feel the lack of a piece of clothing, the wardrobe was stuffed full of occasionally complain about a few words, but also in non-stop purchase clothing, so all kinds of clothes, pants, sweaters, hats, etc. Mixed together, it takes time and effort to find it. At this point you need a more user-friendly design wardrobe, a strong storage function, and the function is reasonable and appropriate, today Xiaobian introduces this top 100 Oufulai four-door wardrobe, it is not only excellent quality, but also The ability to automatically adjust the size of the ribbon, I believe you will love the savvy.

Top 100 wardrobe

Evaluation details

Appearance: simple and versatile

The top 100 Oufulai four-door wardrobes can be customized according to different specifications. The cabinets we measured are combined. The plates are pressed by solid wood particles with high surface and no bubbles. There are four doors for double. The doors are open and the style is more traditional. Its light walnut color is more versatile, its appearance is calm and atmospheric, the internal structure is reasonable, the ratio of the reclamation area, the stacking area and the long clothing area is moderate. The excellent quality guarantees its practicality, and the popular shape makes its consumer group more widely.

Wardrobe storage

Material: high temperature pressed solid wood particle board

Solid wood granules are the closest to natural slabs in artificial panels, and some of its properties are superior to natural slabs. The top 100 Oufulai four-door wardrobes are made of solid wood granules with high strength and density. One of the most notable advantages is that it is not easily deformed.

Top 100 wardrobe evaluation

Environmental protection: high environmental protection factor

The top 100 Oufulai wardrobe uses solid wood particle board based on environmental considerations. Its adhesive content is lower than that of high-density board, and its environmental performance is excellent. Those who have high environmental protection requirements can consider purchasing it.

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