Psychological care for the elderly in home decoration design

Emotional depression, depression, anxiety, these negative psychological characteristics tend to accelerate the physiological decline. In view of the physiological and psychological characteristics of the elderly themselves, we should start from improving the living environment of the elderly and care for the psychological needs of the elderly in the design.

The deterioration of brain function and the rapid changes in life before and after retirement make 85 % of the elderly have more or less psychological problems of different degrees, and 27 % have obvious mental disorders such as anxiety and depression. If the psychological problem has greatly affected the quality of life of the elderly, then in addition to paying attention to style and beauty, the home design for the elderly should start from the details, pay close attention to the mental health of the elderly, and improve the quality of life of the elderly. .

The needs of the elderly for space are often quiet and comfortable. The balcony in the room is cleverly utilized, and the area in the semi-open space is small. As a tea room, it is both comfortable and gives a safe psychological hint. People need sunshine, and most older people often suffer from glare because of some eye diseases. The adjustable function of the blinds makes it possible to bring comfortable natural light to the space in different seasons and at different times.

Increasing outdoor activities is good for the elderly to breathe more fresh air. The adequate lighting and proper work make the elderly psychologically find a way to relieve emotions. The outdoor courtyards suitable for the elderly are mostly composed of natural flowers, and the easy-to-care plant varieties can increase the confidence of the elderly. Green plants such as daisy pines and cypresses can grow in a natural form and give a vivid impression of life.

Older people often induce psychogenic insomnia due to excessive attention to sleep quality or their own health. Unsatisfied with the quality of sleep for a long time, but also caused psychological anxiety or fear, forming a vicious circle. Therefore, the sleeping space should be designed to be as easy as possible and relieve fatigue. Avoid placing the old house in a dim effect with a dull tone. Considering that parents may fall asleep at different times depending on their physical condition, they can place two beds to minimize sleep disturbances and help the health of the elderly.

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