Solid wood veneer does not mean that the shoddy wood furniture is practical.

There is an old story. When Britain first invented the train, many people did not agree at that time, and even the ridiculous thing of the carriage and train race.

Don't laugh at this ridiculous thing. In a media news on June 13, there was an equally ridiculous "freakish talk", saying that solid wood veneer, solid wood furniture, and even solid wood veneers were shoddy.

If we calculate with a tree, the furniture parts use only 8-10% of the whole tree, and the other 90% are thrown away. This kind of calculation is terrible! It is a crime to ruin trees like this.

Materials scholars racked their brains to study how to use the whole tree and use it in the whole forest. Over the past 100 years, experts and scholars led by Europe and the United States have developed medium-density fiberboard, plywood, particleboard and other wood-based panels. Of course, the materials of wood-based panels are mainly wood, but they can all be used. Therefore, there is panel furniture with wood-based panels.

However, some people are reluctant to use wood-based panels for furniture. Therefore, with wood-wood furniture, a medium-precision approach is adopted. The combination of wood and wood is used to attach veneers to the panels, so that the appearance looks like solid wood furniture, meeting the requirements of this part of consumers. .

This is a very scientific approach. In fact, the wood furniture can be more durable and stable than the solid wood furniture. However, due to some disdain, the use of formaldehyde in excess of formaldehyde in the production of wood-based panels, coupled with the ignorance of the media, led to misleading consumers, thinking that the wood-based panels have "poison" (referred to formaldehyde).

In fact, the E1 grade wood-based panels we use today, the formaldehyde content is controlled within an acceptable range, and the E0 grade is even better.

There are businesses in the market, nonsense of zero formaldehyde furniture, solid wood itself has formaldehyde, some solid wood formaldehyde is still seriously exceeded the standard! Is the human body, there is also formaldehyde, how is zero formaldehyde?

Ignorance plus hype, it’s terrible. Now I am going further, and put forward the solid wood veneer ≠ solid wood, which country is the standard? There is no such saying in advanced countries.

Solid wood itself has many shortcomings, such as crusting, mineral lines, etc. It is difficult to find a perfect area in a large area, and it is absolutely no problem to stick a veneer, high pressure and high heat. When it comes to these media people who don't understand wood, they are shoddy. I suggest that the coachmen who want to race with the train concentrate on learning wood science. Don't think that they have the right to speak.

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