How to maintain the temperature and humidity test chamber?

How to maintain the temperature and humidity test chamber? If any instrument is used for a long time, there will inevitably be such a problem that it is alive. The occurrence of the problem is not only the malfunction of the instrument itself, but also sometimes caused by our wrong operating habits or lack of regular maintenance. Timely repair and maintenance, the following Haida Xiaobian introduced some maintenance recommendations, I hope to help you:

How to maintain the temperature and humidity test chamber? The main performance is the following six points:

    First, the test chamber test cloth wet replacement bulb:

When the test is not a clean cloth or hard surface, or complete temperature control, continue to be used for temperature and humidity control of the ball, the cloth must be replaced.


Second, wet bulb temperature and humidity test room and water adjustment level:

1 ) The water level of the pipe is not too high, the water overflow pipe or the water absorption rate is low, so that the wet cloth ball test is abnormal, affecting the accuracy of the wet ball, and maintaining about 6 can be sufficient water level.

2 ) Water level adjustment, adjustable high and low water tanks. Two or three times, almost every test needs to be checked and added moisture.


   Third, the laboratory over-temperature protection device inspection:

1 ) Test room operation, over-temperature protection set maximum value plus 20 °C ~30 °C.

2 ) When the internal test temperature rises to the over-temperature protection setting value, the heater of the power supply is stopped, and the "overheating" overheat warning light is on, but the fan is still running. If it is operated for a long time and unattended, it is necessary to check the overheat protection.


Fourth, remove dust test chamber condenser:

The condenser should be maintained on a regular monthly basis, using vacuum cooling to attach dust to clean the condenser net or use high pressure air to spray dust.


V. External Cabinets for Laboratory Cleaning and Maintenance

1 ) The impurity laboratory in action should be preceded by relocation.

2 ) The power distribution room is cleaned more than once a year, cleaned, vacuum cleaner, can be used for indoor dust, inhalable.

3 ) The external fuel tank must be cleaned once, for a year or more before it can be cleaned with soap and water.


VI. Humidifier Inspection and Maintenance Laboratory:

The water in the humidifier should be changed once a month to ensure clean water. The humidifier water tray should be cleaned once a month to ensure smooth water flow.



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