Key technologies for industrialization of carbon dioxide-based plastics passed acceptance

Key technologies for industrialization of carbon dioxide-based plastics have passed acceptance . At the same time, the 10,000-ton carbon dioxide-based plastic production line based on the project has been completed, and the design of the 30,000-ton / year production line process package has been completed. According to reports, carbon dioxide-based plastics are green polymer materials produced by chemical methods using carbon dioxide and epoxide as the main raw materials. The material can efficiently use carbon dioxide, turn waste into treasure, and has good gas barrier and transparency, and can be completely biodegradable. It is expected to be widely used in disposable medical and food packaging fields. Researchers at the Changchun Yinghua Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences have broken through key technologies that limit the activity of rare earth catalysts that restrict the continuous production of carbon dioxide-based plastics, continuous copolymerization, and polymer modification, so that the modified carbon dioxide-based plastic film can reach the high-density polyethylene film. At the same time, it has passed the American International Biodegradation Products Association (BPI) certification, which has laid a technical foundation for the industrialization of China's carbon dioxide-based plastics and the establishment of a world-competitive biodegradable carbon dioxide-based plastics industry. It is reported that the project has applied for 3 international patents, 17 Chinese invention patents, and authorized 2 domestic invention patents in the design and preparation of ternary catalysts for carbon dioxide-based plastics, multi-component polymerization technology, polymerization post-treatment technology, and modification technology.

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