Solid wood furniture is not really solid wood!

Driven by the concept of low-carbon and environmental protection, the oldest furniture type of solid wood furniture is being sought after by more and more consumers, renewing its vitality, but the price is also rising, especially mahogany furniture. In order to attract consumers, even if it is not 100% solid wood, many sellers also call it “all solid wood” furniture. Some sellers also mix some high-grade and lower-grade solid wood furniture into furniture, in the name of higher-grade solid wood furniture. sell.

Can consumers buy genuine solid wood furniture? The price of solid wood furniture is geometric?

Solid wood furniture prices rose

In Futian and Luohu stores, many sellers have labeled “solid wood furniture”. Both the brand of solid wood furniture and the type of solid wood furniture are quite rich. From the material point of view, including mahogany, eucalyptus, ash, pine, etc.; from the species point of view, beds, tables, chairs, cabinets, and so on.

Among the citizens interviewed by reporters, over 70% of the citizens expressed their willingness to buy solid wood furniture. Ms. Chen believes that solid wood furniture uses natural wood, is more environmentally friendly, and is more durable, so she is also willing to buy solid wood furniture. Some citizens also said that the choice of solid wood furniture is a consumption habit. "It used to be wood furniture."

A salesperson said that when choosing a home, the public prefers solid wood furniture, "especially children's furniture."

The sales data of national mall furniture released by Red Star Macalline shows that in the furniture category sold in the first half of the year, the sales of solid wood furniture rose rapidly, and the furniture of board wood fell significantly.

The sales staff of many home stores also said that solid wood furniture is heating up, and the acceptance of board wood furniture has declined.

Industry insiders predict that the next step of solid wood furniture will become the main growth point of the home, many brand companies that have been the mainstay of wood furniture have begun to develop solid wood furniture business.

With the hot sale of solid wood furniture, the price of solid wood furniture has also risen. The reporter checked the China Wood Information Network and found that since 2013, the price of imported timber has risen rapidly, and the price of domestic log materials has also increased significantly. Take the hemlock as an example. Since January 2013, the price of the hemlock has risen steadily after entering the thousand-yuan era. By May of this year, the price index of the hemlock had closed at the highest point of 1,136 yuan/m3. Last month, the latest amendment to the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (hereinafter referred to as the "Convention") came into force, Siamese rosewood (or Laos rosewood), Central American red rosewood, South American red rosewood, Central America Black rosewood and large leaf rosewood are listed in the appendix and require a permit for international trade. Affected by the Convention, the price of raw materials for mahogany should be raised upwards. Compared with other types of solid wood furniture, mahogany furniture not only has the highest price, but also the most obvious trend.

Pure solid wood furniture is "impurity"?

According to the "General Technical Conditions for Wood Furniture" standard, solid wood furniture is usually divided into three categories: pure solid wood furniture, solid wood furniture and solid wood veneer furniture. Only all the furniture made of solid wood can be called pure solid wood furniture; solid wood furniture is also called wood and wood combined with furniture, that is, the table top, table (chair) legs and other frames are made of solid wood, side panels, bottom, top, shelf and other parts. The furniture made of wood-based panels (density boards, particleboards, etc. are all made of wood-based panels); solid wood veneer furniture is made of wood-based panels, and the surface is decorated with solid wood veneers.

The reporter visited a number of stores and found that although there are no sales staff who mislead consumers of wood furniture and wood furniture, many salesmen still refer to some solid wood furniture and even solid wood veneer furniture as “solid wood furniture”.

In a children's furniture brand store, the bed plate of a solid wood children's bed recommended by the salesperson is not made of solid wood. After the reporter asked the question, the salesperson said: "If you want pure solid wood, the price is much more expensive. The materials are all solid wood."

Ms. Li bought a double bed before, and when she checked the product introduction and consulted the staff of the online shop, she was told that it was “榉木家具”, but after buying it, she found that “the gap with the imagination is very big”. Ms. Li immediately called the online shop customer service, only to be told that the bedside bed is 100% full of beech, the bed board is pine, "although it is 100% solid wood furniture, but the coffin is much more expensive than pine, I feel that I was misled."

The insiders suggest that the selection of solid wood furniture must check the product manual, and ask whether the seller is pure solid wood furniture or solid wood furniture, so as not to be misled, if necessary, you can choose to complain to the Consumer Council or use legal means.


How to distinguish pure solid wood furniture

Pure solid wood furniture is made of solid wood. There is no edge banding. The texture of the horizontal (horizontal) and vertical (vertical) lines and the annual rings can be followed. The longer the time, the darker the color. If some of them meet this characteristic and some do not match, the description is solid wood furniture combined with wood and wood. If the joint of the parts has edge sealing, the furniture surface has the natural texture unique to the solid wood, but the color is blue, and the color does not change after a period of use, indicating that it is solid wood veneer furniture.

How to maintain solid wood furniture

Frequently use a soft cloth to dust the furniture along the texture of the wood. Before dusting, apply a spray on a soft cloth. Do not use a dry cloth to avoid rubbing.

Regular waxing, every 6-12 months, use a paste wax to give the furniture a layer of wax. Prior to waxing, apply the milder non-alkaline soapy water to remove the old wax. If it is a table, use a mat as much as possible on the table to avoid spillage, staining or damage to the table. Try to avoid contact with corrosive liquids, alcohol, nail polish, etc. on the furniture surface.

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