The old-fashioned second-hand furniture dismantling of furniture needs to be paved

Dismantling costs, high corporate pressure, and recycling of old furniture are blocked -

Since the old-fashioned furniture has been piloted since last year, it has driven consumers’ enthusiasm for purchase and increased sales of merchants. Therefore, the Commerce Commission decided to continue the implementation of furniture trade-in activities from July 1 this year, and the activity time is set at half a year.

Judging from the implementation situation last year, the trade-in has indeed brought real benefits to both buyers and sellers. But behind the benefits, the dismantling of this is worth pondering and attention. The dismantling process is time-consuming and labor-intensive, and the cost is high. Is the dismantling enterprise really willing to take this job? If the day of dismantling the enterprise is not good, then the most important part of the old-for-new trade will be objectively cut off. The deep-seated environmental significance of this activity will be on paper.

[Review] Dismantling the company's semi-public service without profit and loss

Last year, there were two dismantling companies that entered the old-for-new pilot program. They were responsible for the dismantling pressure of the five major stores. The dismantling, sorting, warehouse, transportation and other expenses were all borne by the dismantling enterprises. Zhou Hui, head of the business department of Huajingyuan Dismantling Co., said to the author: "The amount of dismantling was not small last year. We lost a lot in just a few months. But because the trade-in is a real good thing, we as a resource. Dealing with the company, and willing to participate in it. Even if it is not profitable, semi-public nature, we are willing to support this government behavior."

From the sales link to the new link, to the dismantling process, this last dismantling link can be described as the “end” of the old trade-in. Therefore, if the terminal does not work well, then the previous link will naturally not work smoothly, and the benefit to the consumer has become a piece of paper. Zhou Hui said to the author: "Enterprises are still making profits. If they have been losing money like this, it will be difficult for any company to bear for a long time."

[Discovery] 7 dismantling companies are expected to receive subsidies for participating in the renewal

Compared with last year, the scale of trade-in this year has been significantly expanded. The number of new pilots has increased from 5 stores last year to 11 stores and independent stores this year. The number of dismantling points has also increased from 2 last year to 7 this year. More and more dismantling units are involved in the trade-in activities, which means more costs. Zhou Hui said: "Furniture trade-in is a market with broad prospects. If it works properly, the prospects are considerable."

The author learned from the director of the actual home operation, Mei Xuhang, that this time the old-for-new replacement has a more formality, namely “dismantling the joint”. The so-called dismantling joint is presented to the government by the store to indicate that the product has been dismantled and can be subsidized by the dismantling enterprise. Following this clue, the author contacted Zhou Hui of Huajingyuan Dismantling Company. He said: "The old-for-new trade was implemented on July 1. The dismantling units have also started dismantling work, but so far we have I have not received the subsidy yet.” The author continues to ask, to what extent is the current subsidy issue progressing? Zhou Hui said: "The various dismantling companies are proposing plans to the government to propose the amount of subsidies that each family deems appropriate. The Committee is consulting for advice and we have been in meetings for several days."

Actual home dismantling workshop expanded to the city's dismantling point

Judging from the dismantling situation last year, in the sales enterprises, the dismantling workshop of the actual home is more comprehensive. The government has fully promoted the dismantling point and promised to subsidize the dismantling unit. This also prompted the actual home to be replaced by Huajingyuan Dismantling Co., Ltd. during the old-for-new implementation period. Therefore, the dismantling workshop, which originally only served the actual home, will begin to serve the city's dismantling activities.

In this way, is the original mechanism of the actual home dismantling workshop broken? Will some of the rules for its classification and stacking change? In this regard, the actual home operation director Mei Xuhang said that it will not make much change. "The pilot is short-lived after all, but the old-fashioned home will continue for a long time. It is only temporarily handed over to Huajingyuan. After the government's actions are over, the dismantling workshop is still operated by the actual home. Therefore, our original Some dismantling rules will not make a fundamental change."

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