6 kinds of nutrition that runners should add every day

The six rules of daily diet make you have a healthy body and good health. The following 6 dietary rules hope to provide a reference for your daily diet:

1. Eat more plant seeds or foods made from cereals, beans, and nucleoli.

Why are plant seeds? Because seeds ( including grains, beans, fruits of trees, etc. ) contain essential nutrients such as proteins, essential fats, and some biologically active compounds ( such as phenolic compounds, ferulic acid, etc.) Is an antioxidant ) .

Experiments have shown that eating enough plant and seed foods such as cereals and beans every day can effectively promote good health and maintain a healthy weight. People who eat more cereals and beans can also effectively prevent diabetes and some cancers.

Second, eat 5 different colors of fruits and vegetables every day

As we all know, fruits and vegetables can provide the vitamins, minerals, etc. that the body needs, and provide the necessary calories to help people maintain a healthy weight. But from today, it's a good idea to pay attention to their colors - yellow, orange, red, green, blue, purple, and so on.

The red color in the pomegranate comes from the anthocyanin, the red color in the tomato comes from the lycopene, and the bright yellow in the sweet potato comes from the beta carotene. These pigments have an effect on cancer, prevention of heart disease and Alzheimer's disease, and enhance memory. In addition, since these pigments are mostly antioxidants, they can reduce the irritability caused by diseases and a lot of exercise.

The study found that pigments need to be combined with one another to make an effect on their interviews. This is why it is recommended to eat at least 5 colors of fruit or vegetables every day. Also, eating only the pigments that you think are useful, such as beta carotene, simply do not reach the health benefits of eating whole sweet potatoes.

Third, plant food and skin to eat

The fruit epidermis also contains many starches and a variety of fibers. These blends help the healthy growth of intestinal cells, reduce the chance of constipation and acne, improve appetite, and maintain a healthy weight.

These fibers also prevent about 3%-4% of heat absorption, which is one of the reasons why fruits and vegetables can lose weight.

Fourth, drink milk every day, eat dairy products

Fresh milk and dairy products ( including cheese, yogurt, yoghurt, etc. ) should be part of the daily diet of runners. In addition to calcium supplementation and enhanced bone health, milk has other benefits.

For runners, dairy products provide enough protein for muscles to enhance their recovery. And whey protein can also effectively strengthen the immune system. Even more amazing is that the study found that weight loss menus contain dairy products that help to lose more fat. There are also active lactobacilli that can effectively enhance immunity and prevent constipation.

5. Seafood for eating cold waters

The most typical is the marine fish. Runners need to consume up to 50% more protein than normal people, and marine fish provide just a lot of good protein. Marine fish can also supplement trace elements such as zinc, copper and chromium, which may be low in daily diet. In the past two decades, researchers have found that people who eat sea fish can effectively prevent heart disease, cardiovascular disease and stroke. Marine fish contain fat, and many modern diseases, such as heart disease and dementia in the elderly, have a certain relationship with this lack of fat intake. It is worth noting that fat can also effectively relieve the soreness caused by exercise.

6. Eat free-range poultry and eggs

Poultry and eggs, together with the milk just mentioned, enable runners to consume the necessary protein and minerals, which is unsatisfactory for vegetarians. Especially iron and zinc, they can ensure the health of red blood cells and maintain stable immunity. The stocked poultry meat contains more fat and less saturated fat, so the diet is healthier. For runners, vegan is not a good choice.

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